Whyalla – August Activity Report

The study period has well and truly commenced and the campus is buzzing. Tea and Coffee continue to be a success being consumed daily and the Student Lounge has never been more utilized!

August 3rd and 17th:
Fortnightly catch ups with Regional Director Paul Havelberg and Student Experience Rep Michelle Fay; Discussion about new regional engagement surveys, upcoming events, multicultural week celebrations and ‘Exercise Your Mood’ initiative for the month of September.

August 17th-19th:
Winter Warmers: The student leaders along with the help of students put on 3 days of free soup in the student lounge; feedback from this has been well received and we aim to continue complimentary lunches.

August 24th-26th:
Baked Spuds. This week we put on free spuds for students. This has been an excellent opportunity to engage with students focusing particularly on the redesign of our student lounge.


August 30th:
A table will be set up for our campus open day which will provide information and support about services USASA provides and offers to students of UNISA. I will also be having a chat to potential Social Work students as well as giving tours of our campus to all students.

August 31st:
I will be attending a forum held by Rowan Ramsey with Paul Havelburg in Port Augusta. The forum is focused at the barriers that students stuggle to overcome that prevent them from studying in a city university. I will be attending this forum as part of my work with the Regional Engagement Working Group.


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