Whyalla – July Activity Report

July 1 – Examinade

I went to the exam room on July 1st to hand out Jelly Beans as part of my ‘Examinade’ responsibilities. I was only able to attend one exam due to placement requirements.

July 2nd and 9th – Event Meeting

I attended a meeting with the events focus group to further plan and discuss the upcoming ‘Family Fun’ day we had been planning on Whyalla Campus.

Recommendation: That planning continues and the event is a success

July 13th – Meeting with Paul Havelberg

I had a meeting with Paul Havelberg to finalize a draft survey to be sent out to students by the Regional Engagement Working Group to gain data about regional study experiences and the reasons behind attending a regional campus. There was also discussion about Whyalla campus plans for Multicultural Awareness week

Recommendation: The survey is passed and distributed by email to students promptly

July 20th – Meeting with Cate Hudson, Laura Ann Bull and Paul Havelberg

I had a meeting with three members of the Regional Engagement Working Group to discuss the events of the last meeting (which I was not present), the upcoming meeting to be held in Whyalla and Issues regarding the ‘WHY’ course code and implications it has on the election process for USASA.

Recommendation: It is recommended that I continue my work with this group

July 22nd – Speech at Orientation Day

I gave a speech at mid-year O’week to the new students starting in study period 5. Daniel was also in attendance and together we were able to have a chat with some of the students (new and continuing) about some of the issues that present themselves around our campus.

Recommendation: That I continue to engage with the new students and that some of the ideas discussed are implemented.


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