Mawson Lakes – July Activity Report- Dale Ong

Summary of activity

Hello all (: I am Dale and this would be my last month at USASA as I would be graduating in the month of August.

What I have been up to …. The school will be implementing a student recognition program that recognises student for their extra-curriculum activities. For the past one month, I have been gathering student feedbacks on what they would want and like in the program. Instead of giving students what the University think they need, I hoped that the program could focus on what the actual needs of the students.

EDGE is also expanding and we hope to have 300 members by the end of September. Our club has undergone an organisational restructuring and we are proud to announce that we have a team of dedicated and capable executive committee members. During our recruitment drive, there were great responses from a pool of amazing people. I am really looking forward to the events organised by the new committee!

03/07/15 – Academic board

03/07/15 – Recruitment for executive member for EDGE.

Edwin (City East student) spoke to me about wanting to be more involved in the student community and I recommended him to join my club as an executive member. He has experience in organising events back in Malaysia and it would be great having him on the team.

06/07/15 – Formal Inquiry

06/07/15 – Follow-up with Volunteering

A student was referred to EDGE by the volunteering department of UniSA. Met up with James, a Masters student who is in his second semester at UniSA and provided him an overview of our club’s purpose and activities.

14/07/15 – Orientation session briefing with LTU

This was a briefing for the SP5 orientation that would be taking place the next week. Greg Morgan and Diana Collett provided us with an overview of what would be happening on the actual day itself. We were also assigned components to speak during orientation.

14/07/15 – USASA board meeting

21/07/15 – SP5 orientation session

I was tasked to speak during the orientation for 2 segments. The turn up at Mawson Lakes was rather good, with an estimate of about 100 students.

27/07/15 – Conducting of interviews for Executive Committee Members (Day 1)

We sent out recruitment for executive committee positions and received 9 responses. The interviews were conducted at Jeffrey Smart and lasted an average of 30 minutes per students. We interviewed a total of 6 students, conducted across 2 days.

28/07/15 – Conducting of interviews for Executive Committee Members (Day 2)

13/07/15, 15/07/15, 18/07/15 Individual meetings with executive committee members

To ensure sustainability of the club (after my departure), the current president of EDGE – Jesslyn and I met up with our existing committee members and briefed them on the new structure as well as provided them with an overview of how the club would be operating and expanding in the next semester. The meeting lasted for about an hour each with the executive members – Tim, Jason and Frank.

13/07/15 – 30/07/15 Conducting of student survey for student recognition award

Over a period of 3 weeks, I conducted a total of 30 surveys with students from different campuses. Average interview timing was 10 minutes per student, the shortest being 5 minutes and the longest being 90 minutes. As it was conducted mostly one-to-one and conversational bases, the results were qualitative and it provided valuable insights into the student’s life.

 31/07/15 Presentation of Student Recognition Award findings

The data was complied and I provided my analysis to the working group. Daniel provided me with feedbacks on how I could improve and was a great support to me during the presentation. The presentation was well received and insightful for the staffs.

Continuous activity



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