City East – August Activity Report

It’s been another awesome month at Uni SA and USASA. Personally I have been up in Tailem Bend at Coorong District Council doing my placement for Urban and Regional Planning. It’s been a blast getting hands on with helping build a community. I’m sure I’ll update those goings on as the year progresses. It’s meant that I haven’t had as much time to hang out at the campus and chat with students as I’d like, but I am always there in spirit and only a phone-call or an email away!

As far as USASA stuff goes I am super excited about the art wall for city east that I have been trying to put together for a while. It can be a little bit slow to get the Uni on board for such things but they have been great in supporting my idea and giving me some advice and space to make it happen. So watch this space as I’m sure it wont be long now until students are making their mark, not just at Uni SA but on it. Also there is some interest in getting similar student art walls at other campuses so if you’re not at city east, don’t sweat, you’ll get your chance too!
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International Student – August Activity Report

For the past two months, I was in Lameroo, SA for my final year placement as a nursing student. During those period, I still attend Board meeting via phone conference and keeping track with student advocacy complaints via email-add. However, the commencement of new role as an International Student (IS) Rep 16 of Aug has led to a new focus of seeking ideas and building a bridge between IS understanding on the local Australian work, lifestyle and play culture.  Continue reading

City West – August Activity Report

With Study Period 5 well underway, students are back on campus and so am I (as much as I can). Although due to my new job on weekdays the amount of time I can be on campus is more limited than in the past (having to leave Uni by 1:30pm to get to get ready and head to work). So now looking for a new way to interact with students, possibly a weekly session in the library where I book a room and students are able to come talk to a Campus Rep. in an informal environment.
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City West – July Activity Report

This past month has been a bit quiet for me as well as a little stressful. It has been stressful because I haven’t had a shift at either of my two jobs for 3 weeks.

A couple of months ago I joined UniSA’s League of Legends Club and at this time they weren’t active apart from their Facebook page. However during the last month the club has started to become active and held a club meeting which I attended.
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Magill – August Activity Report

This month was really exciting, as it’s UniSA “Open August”, with lots of exciting events available for prospective UniSA students to attend, as well as for current students and staff to enjoy. I’ve also been working hard with the election regulations committee to get our new election regulations ready for the upcoming USASA elections in October. Below is a picture of Ant (Magill representative) and I, at the Open Day stall at City West campus.

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Magill – July activity report

This month encompassed the end of study period 2 and the beginning of study period 5. During the SP2 exam period, I volunteered at USASA’s ExaminAID stall, which is located at the Adelaide Showgrounds while exams are on. I enjoyed being able to assist students with last minute issues such as needing a pencil, directions, or just wanting to have a chat. As study period 5 begins, it has been great to see so many students on campus eager to begin the new semester. The Magill counter seems quite busy, and students are interested in the new “Noodle” initiative started by Ant, where students can pay $1 for a cup of instant noodles. Due to the four-week semester break this month, there have not been events on campus, and there are also many less students on campus. Therefore there has been less activity this month, however I have endeavoured to engage with students who have been on campus during the break. Continue reading

Postgraduate – July Activity Report

July saw the maintenance of my main election promises; primarily continued promotion of employment opportunities, in addition to taking steps to improve student representation throughout the university. A main contribution was around developing the process for selecting student representatives for school boards. UniSA has been proactive in promoting student representation, and USASA can help choose suitable students to represent the wider student body in these settings. There was development around a proposed structure and format for this activity, which if passed, will help to further promote student representation throughout the university. Continue reading

Magill – July Activity Report

With the start of the new semester, student representative work has started again in earnest. The first week back has been spent helping out at the office, speaking to student about issues (particularly in relation to Notifications of Unsatisfactory Performance from the University) and touching base with Student Experience staff. Planning has begun for the Digital Learning Strategy focus groups to be undertaken mid-semester, as well as a learning analytics project. While minor, of note is that the $1 noodles program is up and running at the Magill office, and has proved popular so far. Continue reading