City East UG Representative March Report- Hiranya Maini

Hi guys!

I hope everyone is enjoying their time off from studies and from stacks of assignments and tests.

March has been quite a busy month with all the meetings and campus fairs happening on all the campuses.

Campus fair

March saw so much activity on all the campuses during the Campus fairs and I personally got a chance to be a part of the City East Campus fair and telling the students about USASA. I meet a lot of new students who had queries about starting their uni life and needed some advice. It really felt great to help them and direct them towards the right services at the university.

Board Meeting

The March meeting was held on 16 March 2021, Tuesday. We met the Provost who presented the uni’s Academic Enterprise Plan for 2025 and we got a chance to provide our feedback from a student perspective. It was such a good opportunity for us to work towards our university’s welfare.

We also had the first Finance committee meeting on 1 March, 2021 and the first Education committee meeting on 23 March, 2021.

Activity report- March

USASA Board Meeting 16 March , 2021
City East Campus Fair18 March,2021
Finance Committee meeting 1 March, 2021
Education committee meeting23 March, 2021

Upcoming events- April

Neon Night Crawl9 April,2021
USASA Board meeting 20 April, 2021

That is it from my side. If you have any queries or just want top have a chat feel free to pop me an email on

Enjoy your holidays!!!!!

Hiranya Maini

ATSI Student Rep Report – March

Hi Everyone,

March was probably the busiest I have been all year so far but with National Reconciliation Week fast approaching, I am expecting to get busier and busier.

Academic Review Appeals Committee (Preclusions)

I attended the Academic Review Appeals Committee (Preclusions) on Monday 15th to Thursday 18th. During these appeals, the committee identified issues sorrounding the communications for access plans.

March Activities 
03/03/2021Meeting with Julie Boots (Manager: Student Life)
First DEA Committee Meeting
15/03/2021Academic Review Appeals Committee (Preclusions)
16/03/2021Academic Review Appeals Committee (Preclusions)
17/03/2021Academic Review Appeals Committee (Preclusions)
18/03/2021Academic Review Appeals Committee (Preclusions)
23/03/2021Education Committee Meeting
25/03/2021Formal Inquiries (UniSA Business)
26/03/2021Academic Board
April Planned Activities 
01/04/2021National Reconciliation Week Planning Meeting
09/04/2021Aboriginal Makers and Creators Fair Initiative Development
13/04/2021ISSP Governance Group
16/04/2021NRW Committee Planning
20/04/2021DEA Committee meeting

As always, if you have any questions or need anyone to chat to, please do not hesitate to get into contact:


President’s Report March

Academic Enterprise Plan

At the March meeting we had a presentation from the Provost, Professor Allan Evans, surrounding the universities new Academic Enterprise Plan. After an extended discussion, the board came to the view that whilst the plan overall was satisfactory, a stronger emphasis was needed on the quality of teaching at the university.

This feedback was sent to the Provost and was taken on board at the next meeting of the Academic Board on the 26th.

A big thank you to the representatives for their diligence in providing thoughtful and considered feedback to the uni on the Academic Enterprise Plan

Campus Fair

It was great to finally have large scale physical events back on campus with the USASA Campus Fair. Over the 4 days myself and 4 of the other board reps managed to film a brief interview/vox pop with every single club, service, and sporting group that attended the campus fair.

Activity Report March

1stFinance Committee
2ndCampus Fair Event Briefing
City West Orientation
Meeting w University International
3rdMeeting w Student Ombud
Unitopia Committee Meeting
Mawson Lakes Orientation
DEA Committee
4thUniversity Council
9thMeeting USASA Board Advisors
Academic Misconduct Committee
Grant Assessment Panel
10thCampus Fair City West
11thCampus Fair Mawson Lakes
12thReturning Officer AGPU AGM
15thMeeting USASA CEO
16thGovernance Committee
USASA Board Meeting
17thMagill Campus Fair
18thCity East Campus Fair
19thUSASA Clubs Welcome Event
22ndMeeting USASA CEO
23rdEducation Committee
Meeting USASA Coordinator Student Leadership and Governance
26thAcademic Board
30thAcademic Misconduct Committee
31stMeeting with CASO

City West Student Rep: March Report

Hi everyone,

I hope the study break is going well and hopefully you are actually having a rest! It always gets a bit sticky after this point in the semester!


Governance Committee Meeting

The second Governance meeting was held in March, with the intention of focusing on constitutional review. The next meeting will occur on the 20th of April.

Board Meeting

The board had a great opportunity to hear from Professor Allan Evans (Provost and Chief Academic Officer) to discuss the university 2021-2025 Academic Enterprise Plan.

The board had many questions and feedback to give based on the student focus. The president further collated our responses into a letter for consideration.

March Activities

16 MarchGovernance Committee Meeting
16 MarchUSASA Board Meeting

April Activities

20 AprilGovernance Committee Meeting
20 AprilUSASA AGM/Board Meeting

Once again, hope the mid-semester break is an enjoyable one. Please feel free to get in contact if there is anything I can help with. My student email is


International Student Rep – All campuses – March report – Ishika

Hi All,

March being the beginning of our classes was a pretty busy month and here’s a summary on what all I did.

Campus fair

I was at the campus fair for my club called the Indian Students Assembly (ISASA), where I interacted with a lot of old and new students who were keen to know how they can be involved in such clubs.

Finance committee meeting

Being the conveyor of finance committee, I also chaired our first finance committee for USASA where we discussed our financial reports and elected Charlene Lee as secretary for the same.

Meeting with UniSA International Management team

Noah and I had a meeting with the International management team of UniSA where we discussed about exploitation of International students at work and how we can support them at their vulnerable times. It was a privilege for me to meet this team and how they showed their concern and worked to get the right solutions for the international students.

USASA clubs welcome

I attended the annual clubs welcome by USASA which was a mini get-together for all the club executives and members. It was a great event to network with other club members and to know their ideas.

Academic Board meeting

This meeting was held towards the end of the month where Noah presented a few key-points where all student representatives thought were important to focus in the new Academic Enterprise Plan 2021-2025.

Activity report

1st March Finance committee meeting
2nd MarchMeeting with UniSA International Management team
11th MarchCampus fair – Mawson Lakes
16th MarchUSASA Board meeting
18th MarchCampus fair – City east
19th MarchUSASA clubs welcome
26th MarchAcademic Board meeting

That is all for this month and I will be back next month.

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USASA Clubs welcome

Postgrad Student Rep’s Report- March 2021

Hello again everyone,

I hope you are keeping well and enjoyed the Easter weekend.

March had been quite a busy month with a good weather I would say. This surely was in favour of all the outdoor events, especially the Campus Fair. While it was a busy month along with a few assignment submissions, we have been busy with the following USASA activities.

USASA Campus Fair

The USASA Campus Fair ended successfully with the participation of both USASA clubs and students. I was involved with the Campus Fair at Mawson Lakes which indeed was fun and interactive. I got the opportunity to interact with students and get involved with the USASA Advocacy’s Spin the wheel activity to further improve the awareness of free advocacy services provided by USASA.

I also got the opportunity to interview four clubs at the Campus Fair about what they do and how to join them.

Board Meeting

This board meeting was quite interesting because of the Q&A session with regards to the university’s Academic Enterprise Plan for 2025. This provided the opportunity for us to get better clarity towards this from a student’s perspective.

Education Committee Meeting

As the convener of the Education committee, we held the first meeting for the year where we amended the Term of References and the involvement of Academic Student Representatives.

USASA Clubs Welcome

The USASA Clubs welcome was well organised and I got the chance to meet many club executives. I encourage everyone to become a part of a USASA club and get involved to gain a good exposure and enjoy the university life.

Activity Report- March 2021

11 MarchCampus Fair- Mawson Lakes
16 MarchBoard Meeting
19 MarchUSASA Clubs Welcome
23 MarchEducation Committee Meeting
26 MarchAcademic Board Meeting
07 AprilSnack Stand at Mawson Lakes
09 AprilClubs Committee Meeting

Upcoming Events

14 & 29 AprilUniSA Council Campus Tour.
20 AprilUSASA Board meeting/ AGM

That’s a wrap for the month of March and looking forward to meet you in the future. You can always reach me through my email :

Have a great Mid-Semester Break!

Dinuk Nanayakkara

Magill Undergraduate Representative- March Report- Amelianna Alfred Domnic


Happy mid-semester break! Hope everyone is enjoying their time off uni. It is a well deserved study break and I hope you guys are making the most of it.

March was a busy month for me. Here is a little summary of the things that had happened 🙂

DEA Committee Meeting

Being a part of the committee has been eye opening as it has made me more aware of the issues that students face, and it is amazing to be a part of enhancing student wellbeing.

Campus Fair

I sat at the USASA stall during the campus fair at the Magill campus and I can say that it was a great opportunity to speak to some of you guys. It was lovely meeting so many new people and some even said it was good to bond over the Spin the Wheel activity. Overall, it was a really wholesome experience!

Board Meeting

This time around, the Provost had come to our meeting and we discussed the Academic Enterprise 25 plan. The USASA student reps were given the opportunity to provide feedback to benefit the wellbeing of students at the University of South Australia.

Good news! There is a sustainable amount of student representation included in the plan 🙂

Activity Log – Month of March

3rd March 2021DEA Committee Meeting
17th March 2021Campus Fair- Magill
16th March 2021USASA Board Meeting
26th March 2021Academic Board Meeting
9th AprilNeon Night Pub Crawl

Activity Log – Month of April

14th April 2021SEU Hiring Panel – Shortlisting & Interviews
20th April 2021DEA Committee Meeting
20th April 2021Board Meeting | AGM

That is all from me for this month :). Come say hi or wave if you see me on campus (would love to have a chat!). If you have any questions or doubts, contact me at

See ya next month!

Kind regards,


City-West Undergraduate Student Rep Report: March 2021 – Joe Gaynor

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all enjoying the semester so far and taking a well earned rest over the mid-semester break! March was a very full-on month for me personally with study and work commitments ramping up, so I’m looking forward to a busy month in April working on and attending USASA projects and meetings.

It was great to hear from students via me email again this month and to have a chat to many of you around campus!

Governance Committee Meeting

I was able to step in and help Rhys out this month by Chairing this Governance meeting. It was good to get the ball rolling in the area of Constitutional review and put the call out for other board members to join the subgroup.

Board Meeting

The March board meeting was a really productive one, with Professor Allan Evans (Provost and Chief Academic Officer) joining the meeting to take questions and discuss the draft version of the 2021-2025 Academic Enterprise Plan. As a collective, the board asked a number of important questions and being able to share a student perspective and opinion was really valuable experience. We were able to give real in-put and feedback which was subsequently taken into consideration before the release of the final Academic Enterprise Plan.

March Activities

16 MarchGovernance Committee Meeting
16 MarchUSASA Board Meeting
Finance Committee Meeting (Postponed)

April Activities

20 AprilGovernance Committee Meeting
20 April USASA AGM/Board Meeting
Finance Committee Meeting

Thats all from me this month. As always, please feel free to get in touch via email at – I’d love to hear from you!



Matisse Chambers- Magill Student Rep- March Report

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter long weekend and took advantage of the glorious weather!

March was a very lovely month on campus, especially with the atmosphere and interactions all the events created among students!

Campus Fair

Magill Campus Fair was held on the 17th March and we could not have gotten a better day for it! The sun was shining, tunes were blasting and the whole campus was just buzzing which I love to see! I spent most of the day at the USASA tent with Magill’s other student rep, Amelianna. Lots of students came to say hi, some being their first campus fair and introduction to USASA. It was so rewarding telling them what we are all about and how we can support them. I also spent some time visiting the other clubs conducting interviews on what they’re all about and what their club has to offer. It definitely opened me up to all the possibilities our University has and how diverse it is.

Board Meeting

Before and during the board meeting we had the opportunity to review the Universities new Academic Enterprise Plan with Professor Allan Evans. It was a very insightful meeting into what direction UniSA is planning on going and how as students we can provide our input and perspective.

Education Committee Meeting

The education committee held their first meeting in March and I was elected as secretary! This is a bit out of my comfort zone and was a bit stressful taking minutes for the first time but I am keen to take on the role. We discussed the Terms of Reference from last year and made a few tweaks, decided on a regular meeting date and who in the future we plan on inviting to the meetings so we achieve as much as we can through this committee.

Young Labor Welcome Night

On the 7th of April, some other board members and myself joined Noah (president) at the young labor welcome night which was held at the Strathmore hotel. It was such a great turnout and lovely to speak with members about their views, outlooks and experiences. There were some incredible guest speakers including Peter Malinauskas who gave a very motivating and inspiring speech.

Other than this, Amelianna and I are working out some dates to bring a breakfast bar to our Magill campus. I think this will be a wonderful opportunity to better interact with students. I know no one will turn down a free breakkie so I think we’d get a great turn out. Hopefully we can establish this within the next month.

I hope you all have a lovely study break and that you don’t drown in too much uni work. Remember to relax, recharge and have a balance.

See you next month,

Matisse ❤

Activity Report- March/April

16th MarchBoard Meeting
17th March Campus Fair
22nd March Education Committee Meeting
7th AprilYoung Labor Welcome Night

Upcoming activities

20th AprilBoard Meeting / AGM
22nd April Education Committee Meeting
TBCBreakfast Bar

Mount Gambier Student Rep – March Activity Report – Elly Hogben

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying your mid-semester break and are taking this time to indulge in a little R&R.

March was a bit of a quiet month for me but I am sure that the next couple of months will be much more exciting!

Board Meeting

On Tuesday March 16th, we had our monthly Board Meeting where we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to look at the 2021-2025 Academic Enterprise Plan draft and provide feedback from a student perspective. It’s opportunities like this that make me feel so blessed to be in this role.

Meeting with headspace

On Wednesday March 24th, I met up with the Community Liaison Worker for headspace Mount Gambier. We had a chat about potential pop up events on campus this year and what they hope to achieve through these events. headspace is an organisation that is very close to my heart so I’m very excited to get them on campus ready to support the students.

Activity Report – March

3rdCampus Fair – Mount Gambier
16thUSASA Board Meeting
24thMeeting with headspace

Activity Report – April

15thUniTopia Zoom meeting
20thUSASA Board Meeting

That wraps up this month’s report. Enjoy this break (but make sure you stay on top of those assignments!). Please feel free to email me at any time:

See you next month!