City West Undergrad Report- October

Hello! This month was mainly spent on elections but I have news on the Campus Connector survey! (this happened in October but was reported through DEA in November, so I’m including it in the October report)

From the social media poll run on the main USASA page, 95% of students were in favour of resuming the service. This comes from 177 people (168-9).

In the more detailed survey there were 72 responses. Key takeaways are summarised below:

  • 28 used it to get between classes, but 52 (75%) used it to travel to/from campus and their home;
  • The average time saved as a result of the connector was 52 minutes;
  • 16.7% of students said that they would now be forced to drive;
  • 20 respondents indicated that it had influenced their decision to study at UniSA;

Arguably the most valuable element of the survey was the statements received about the impact that it has on students. If anyone would like to see the paper written which provides some of these, let me know and I will be happy to provide it.

City East Report – Oct/Nov – Timothy Pham

Hello everyone,

Time flies! It’s now nearly the end of 2020 and we are studying hard now for the final exams coming up. It’s now the SWOT VAC week and I guess many of us focus on the exam revisions. However, don’t forget to give yourself a bit of break such as going to gym, exercise, listen to music etc.

Here are some quick updates from my site:

There was a Club Committee Meeting held on Wednesday 28/10. In the meeting, we discussed about some matters around COVID, Clubs and 2021, as well as the Club Awards Feedback. The next meeting will be expected to be held on Wednesday 25/11 at 3-4:30pm. I will keep you updated with the contents of the November meeting in my next report. The Club Committee Meeting will be held online via zoom on the last Wednesday of each month from 3-4:30pm. If you are a club committee member and you would like to join us for the discussion, please do not hesitate to let me know via my email or you can contact directly to Joshua Steele, the Club Committee Convenor, via, we would love to see you there.

The Diversity Equity Access (DEA) Committee Meeting was held on Friday 6/11 at 3-4pm. In the meeting, we discussed about the Campus Connector survey results and went through some handover notes for the DEA Committee next year. There might be no DEA meeting in December but if there is, I will update you in my December report.

On Tuesday 3/11 at 11am-2pm, Jenny, Melinda and I was at the city east plaza, giving out free snacks and talked to city east students. It was a great time and an opportunity for myself to reach out to my fellow city east students and talked more about our campus. Thank you very much for coming and supporting us.

Key dates for October/November/December:

27/10 – USASA Board Meeting

28/10 – Club Committee Meeting

6/11 – DEA Committee Meeting

17/11 – USASA Board Meeting

15/12 – USASA Board Meeting

All the best for your final assessments! If you have any questions, just flick me a message.


Whyalla Rep. Monthly Report

Hey Everyone,

I cannot believe it is almost the end of the year! What a wild one it has been!

I would just like to apologize for not posting last months monthly report, I have been flat out busy with my uni work and placement. That in mind I would just like to say I hope you have all been well and eager for what lies ahead.
Good luck to those who are busy studying ready for their exams. Also, well-done to all who have finished for the year. I am sure that has been a big relief.

Over the past couple of months:

  • Planned UniTopia event for Whyalla Campus (assisted with Tracey and Simone)
  • Attended September’s monthly meeting
  • Attended August monthly meeting
  • Scavenger hunt occurred (thanks to all who participated)
  • Placement (12th October until 11th of November)

Again, sorry for not being as active. I have been very busy with my personal studies, as you would all understand being this time of year.

That’s all I have for this month, look after yourself and good luck with any final assessments or exams! Please don’t hesitate to flick me an email if you do feel like you are needing some advice or someone to talk – I am always happy to help!

Yours Truly,

Diane Wilkins (USASA Whyalla Campus Student Representative)


Mawson Lakes Representative Report – October 2020

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all doing well. I know how these times can be with exams and bucket load of assignments to submit.

Last month had a good amount of grandeur to it. The club’s award night was conducted on the 23rd of October 2020 and was a big success. My hearty wishes to all the winners!

The USASA Board election 2020 results have been finalised and it gives me immense pleasure in welcoming the new reps to our house! It’s going to be one great year and I wish all the best to them. Together, we will keep supporting students!

Past few months a number of queries came to me regarding the Hardship fund. I directed them to USASA Financial Assistance and a few of them have received a grant.

If you have any concerns or questions ease do not hesitate to hit me an email or call me.

Last but not the least, dont stress this exam period. This too shall pass! You’ve got this! 😊

ATSI Student Rep Report – October

Hey everyone!

We have almost reached the end of 2020!!

UniSA College Photoshoot

I was invited by the UniSA College to be involved in a photoshoot for their promotional materials. A part of this photoshoot included a Q&A testimonial session where I was able to share my thoughts and opinions on what worked best in the college.

October Activities
01/10/2020UniTopia Self-Care Packs – Packing
20/10/2020UniSA College Photoshoot + Testimonial
27/10/2020October Education Committee Meeting
October Governance Committee Meeting
October Board Meeting
28/10/2020Clubs Committee Meeting
29/10/2020DEA Committee Meeting
November Planned Activities
06/11/2020USASA Constitutional Review
November DEA Committee
17/11/2020ISSP Governance Group
November Governance Committee Meeting
November Board Meeting
26/11/2020November DEA Committee Meeting

As always, if you have anything you wish to discuss, do not hesitate to send me an email at:

Postgraduate Rep Report – Nov

Dear All,

Hope you are prepping for your examinations and rolling up your sleeves to turn your final submissions in. Those who are in their final semester, I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Without further ado, I will brief what happened in October and November, since I missed to submit my report for last month.

Respectful and Safer Community Projects

The RSC Webinar Series: Women’s Safety was delivered as part of the 2020 Respectful and Safer Communities Action Plan. Hon Michelle Lensink MLC, Minister for Human Services, welcomed everyone. The other panelists were:

  • Fiona Mort, Director of the Office for Women
  • Maria Hagias, Chief Executive Officer of Women’s Safety Services South Australia
  • Sharon Lockwood, Counsellor and Training Coordinator (Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment), University of South Australia

We had 109 students registered for the webinar, it was well-received by the students.

Sharon Lockwood and I are planning the the second webinar of the series. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday 2nd December 2020 at 2pm and will focus on providing participants with an introduction to the criminal and family law systems in South Australia for people subjected to sexual assault and domestic & family abuse. This will be open to all students.

We have confirmed a speaker from the Legal Services Commission to speak about the Family Law processes within Australia. We are awaiting approval for a speaker from the Special Crime Investigation Section’s Victim Management Section, Public Protection Branch, South Australian Police to explain the options for and process of reporting sexual and domestic violence to police

I am hoping that this information will be particularly helpful for our international students who might be less familiar with how these systems function and their options in Australia.

Student Hardship Fund and Fee hike Freeze

Excited to announce that UniSA has finally agreed to freeze the annual fee hike and a continue student hardship fund provision. I am glad that the presentations and requests made to the UniSA Council were well-received. You might have seen the social media posts by USASA, blog by Noah and the email from David Lloyd, VC regarding this.

This is a beginning! We will continue to voice students’ concerns at the University level.

USASA Elections

Can’t believe its already 11th month of 2020. This year has been so slow yet fast. Students have elected the USASA Board for 2021. Congratulations to all winners, and candidates who showed interest to be a part of USASA. Your enthusiasm, spirit and the passion to make a difference is what makes Uni a positive sphere.

Networking Event for International Students

The most awaited event of the year. YES! I am planning a dedicated ONLINE Networking Event for International Students with the UniSA Career Service Team. The event is scheduled on 4th of December. We are in the process of sourcing Panelists, who are Alumni, International, and recent graduates. Please keep an eye on UniSA Career Service email and USASA Social media pages for updates.

Hoping to see all of you there!

Interview with THE ADVERTISER

I also had the privilege the represent UniSA International Student Community for an media interview with THE ADVERTISER (AdelaideNow). The article focuses on the role of international students in driving the growth of SA, and the various local support required by the students. I have also expressed my strong views about creating more industrial opportunities for international role.

Other than the above mentioned activities and projects, it was pretty much a routine. Attended USASA Board meeting, UniSA Council meeting, UniSA Academic Board meetings, and USASA Governance, DEA, Education and Clubs Committee meetings.

I have also attended the USASA Club Awards Night. Kudos to all the student leaders!

Please feel free to write to me or have a chat if you want to know more.


best wishes, Lex

Presidents Report October

Job Ready Graduates Package

The beginning of October marked the passage of the Job Ready Graduates package on Thursday the 8th of October. I worked closely with the NUS on a few campaigns and actions related to sinking this bill, and although the bill still passed, I would call the campaign itself a success, as the narrative that was pushed out was taken on by the general populace.

Actions that were taken included various protests and demonstrations with Members of Parliament and Unions, and even a radio interview with Rebekah Sharkie from Center Alliance, the team that held the deciding vote on the bill. The pressure of the campaign here in South Australia was soley focused on Sharkie and Center Alliance, and the campaign appears to have had a significant effect on her standing within the electorate of Mayo, with many residents publicly expressing disappointment on the decision to pass the bill.

Many details of the bill are still unknown, and as they come out we will endeavor to assess the impact of the measures upon students here at UniSA.

Student Hardship and COVID19

Discussions around student hardship and the way COVID is impacting our student body are still ongoing. A few new concessions are forthcoming such as:

  • A fee freeze for international students
  • Re opening of the student hardship fund and ISSP to re aplications
  • USASA Financial Councelling will also be open for re applications
  • The job support program is ongoing
  • An increase of activities and support over summer for students who remain onshore or do not have access to their usual support netwoeks over summer

USASA Elections

USASA Elections were held in October to elect the board for 2021. I’ve had the privilege of being re elected as President for another year. Congratulations to all of the successful candidates, I look forward to working with you all next year.

Club Awards Night

The USASA Club awards night was held on the 23rd of October. The event was a great success and a much needed break for our hard working club executives. Congratulations to all of the shortlisted nominees and the eventual winners!

Activity Report

1stGrant Assessment Panel
2ndProtest at Senator Stirling Griffs Office
5thCEO/Presidents Meeting
6thInterview ABC Adelaide Drive w Rebekha Sharkie
12thCEO/Presidents Meeting
15thFinance Committee
16th Meeting w UI
23rdAcademic Board
USASA Club Awards Night
26thCEO/Presidents Meeting
27thEducation Committee
SHF Steering Group
28thUniversity Council

Magill Rep Report- October


How are you all going. It’s almost end of the semester. This month we had our clubs award. I really enjoyed a lot. In our board meeting we discussed about job-ready graduates scheme.

I am finally going to gradate this November.

As always, if you have any queries feel free to email me @

Activities for this month:-

23 October USASA Clubs Award.

27 October USASA Board meeting.

October board report – Jenny Chen

Hi everyone!

Congratulations to those who have completed their academic year and are currently on holidays 😀 . Don’t forget that many clubs and events are still running at uni which you can a part of if you are interested. To those still studying or going on placement, good luck and don’t forget to take breaks! I am currently on placement, which is taking up most of my time.

This month, the City East Snack Stand was organised again with the help of Timothy and Melinda. We shared nourishing and tasty snacks and fruits with students on the plaza. Unfortunately, it was a very warm day and most of the chocolates melted in their wrappers, however we managed to freeze the chocolates so it wasnt so bad! It was a fun and exciting event for us to be back and connect with students and we hope that those who came along also enjoyed it!

The October education meeting was held by Ned Feary who kindly took on the role of convenor while I was on placement. This month, the meeting will be held on th 30th of November. If you have any educational issues or suggestions, feel free to submit a form through the education committee suggestion box!

See you soon!


Magill Rep Report-September


Hope You all are doing well.

In the welfare and wellbeing committee meeting we talked about the possibility of having loneliness and information about  for exam support.

In the board meeting we discussed about the student services and amenities fees survey which was introduced in University of South Australia during July 2020 for students to understand preferences for funding allocation, access and awareness of services 

Until next time, if you have any queries please mail me @

Activity For the Month:-

1   Sep-   Welfare and Wellbeing Committee Meeting

15 Sep-   Board Meeting