City East Rep – August Report – Julie Ma

Hi everyone,

Just touching in to report back on August.

I was able to assist the USASA stall at Clubs Fest for City West and City East. A valuable opportunity to be able to talk to students about the upcoming student elections and what it means to be a student leader.

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Me at Clubs Fest, City East

I also attended Chill Vibes and a Tax Help Appointment.

I have just commenced a 9-week placement block mandatory for my degree. I suspect I will not have much time for USASA-related duties over the next coming months. However, my email is always open.

See you next month,

Julie Ma


Mawson Lakes Rep Report August 2019

Howdy doody friends

I swear I wrote my last report like yesterday, but holy hell time is flying past. Only 3 months left in the year and in my role as your Mawson Lakes Campus Rep, but 3 months is plenty of time to get more work done for the student body!

Its an exciting time to be a club at the moment with the club awards night coming up soon! I hope you’ve all nominated your club for an award, and I look forward to seeing you all at the awards ceremony this month. Speaking of clubs I attended some phenomenal events this month. Firstly the Indian Student Assembly ‘Freshers Night’, it was phenomenal to see almost 400 students packing out a club and having an absolutely belting time. Secondly I also attended the Engineering and Aviation ball hosted by the USASOE and ASO at Ayers House. Another well patronised event which was enjoyed thoroughly by all attendees.If you’ve got an event coming up, let me know and I’ll try and come along. I’m always excited to see the work that all of our fantastic clubs get up to.

Some good news for Mawson Students as well, with Toastie Tuesday coming back again for another semester. The time has changed a bit, so make sure you swing past The Hive between 11:30 and 12:30 on a Tuesday to snag a Toastie. I’ll be there every week till the 16th of October serving up hot toasties and chatting about anything USASA or Mawson Lakes. I’m also combining forces with Chill Vibes on the 10th, so swing past to hear from the awesome Showpony Club and to just generally chill out with a hot sanga!

Activity Report


1st August – Formal Inquiries City West

1st August – Art On Campus

5th August – Clubs Committee

9th August – ASO Bake Sale at Mawson Lakes

13th August – Clubs Fest Mawson Lakes

16th August – ISASA Freshers Night

27th August – Academic Integrity Hearing City West

31st August – Engineering and Aviation Ball


3rd September – Toastie Tuesdays

9th September – Academic Review Meeting EASS Magill

10th September – Chill Vibes Mawson Lakes

10th September – Toastie Tuesdays

17th September – Toastie Tuesdays

17th September – Governance Committee Meeting

17th September – USASA Board Meeting

19th September – Club Awards Selection Panel

23rd September – Academic Review Meeting EASS Magill

Usual deal, drop me an email if you need any assistance with things at Mawson Lakes or with Clubs, I’m always here. Even if you just want to have a quick chat and a cup of coffee, if I’m on campus, I’ll be there!

City West – August Report – Bridget Barletta

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is doing okay at uni as we approach our mid semester assignment rush!

On the 20th of August we had our governance committee meeting and board meeting. The governance meeting was particularly productive, as we are reviewing parts of the constitution relating to elections and student board representatives. As always, there is a lot to cover and lots of changes in the Uni that we have to consider (such as E25).

I would like to take the time to mention the UniSA medical clinic. Did you know that there are GP clinics on campus for you to access? Not only is it super convenient, but they offer all the services as your usual medical centre and also bulk bill! There are clinics at both City East and City West, so can help you check in with your health while studying at uni.

That’s all for this month, as usual if you wish to contact me please email

This month:

August 7- Clubs Fest at City West

August 20- Governance meeting

August 20- USASA board meeting

Next month:

Meeting with Bridget Laffy

September 17- Governance meeting

September 17- USASA board meeting

Mawsonlakes Undergraduate Student Representative – Thanusshan Packiyarajah

Hi Folks,

We all in our 6th week of SP5. Obviously this is my last semester and am almost done with everything. Days are passing so quickly at the same time USASA is going select the next year board soon. We all have gave our best to USASA and hope that USASA is happy with our current board. We all have faced some difficulties when we new to the board and we learnt a lot about the student leadership. The time comes to give the opportunity to other students to demonstrate their skills.

Activity Report

August 12- Academic Integrity Meeting for Geotechnical Engineering

August 20- USASA board meeting

August 27-Mawsonlakes day

August 28 – Capgemini Graduation Program

Upcoming month

September 17- Governance meeting

September 17- USASA board meeting

City East UG Report – Sopor Tan


I hope everyone is keeping up well. Is it just me or do you all feel the same – where had the four weeks of August gone!?

It was such a full-on start of SP 5. With our welfare committee not being scheduled for this month and my fully-loaded timetable, in term of board activity, I only managed to attend our monthly board meeting.

Anyhow, shall you wish to reach out to me for any matter, I’m available to hear from you at all time at


Board Member Activity Report – Laurena Byers

Summary of activity for August 2019

August is amongst us! The sloth pins are here and swinging off the tables!

Very short and sharp report on my end this month.

1st of August the Diversity, Equity and Access committee met and organised the Purple Day set up. This was held on – Students wrote up – pledges which are now attached to the USASA office door for all to see.

Our very own Gina Gogel is now a University Student Ambassador which is EXCITING NEWS and I thought you all would like to know 😊

Students had a visit from the Student Liason Officer Tracey who also helped out and attended our Open Day!

Headspace and I have kept up communication and this month they made delicious toasties which the students thoroughly enjoyed!

Open Day for Mount Gambier was on the 11th. The campus was full and vibrant, which was amazing to see. I got to talk and meet a lot of potential students who are very interested in a range of studies.

Mount Gambier Army Reserve came to campus and held an information session – this was quite a new thing for us. ‘

Emma and I held another $5 Pizza and Pasta night which was a success. The students are really enjoying these nights out with each other.

Mount Gambier also have welcomed a new Arts and Crafts Club which will be more detailed in the next report 😊

An Election Information Session was also held for USASA – no attendance and there is a lack of interest this year. I have spoken with a few students I think would be great for this position, but alas most are focused on their studies. If anyone has any ideas/ can brainstorm – that would be really appreciated!!

Next month’s planned activities

5th September Diversity, Equity and Access Committee Meeting

9th September Regular Catch Up with the team at UniSA

“To be decided” – Arts and Craft club, Bonfire night, end of year dinner, movie nights.

Feel free to contact me through my email:

Please do not hesitate to offer suggestions or support at any time. Thank you!

August Magill Rep Report


How are you all doing? In the beginning of the month, had the Academic integrity meeting, which for me is always a challenging thing to attend, every time  I go come out with a different experience. Then I attended the Club fest,which is the perfect opportunity for UnISA students to explore, connect and join clubs to make friends, stay active, gain experience & have an awesome time at uni!

At club fest

As always if you have any queries fell free to talk to me, I am in the campus on Monday Wednesday  Thursday  and Friday. My email is

Until then See you next month.

Activities done for this Month:-         

  • 1 AugAcademic Integrity Formal Inquiry
  • 12 Aug Open day Briefing session @ city west
  • 14 Aug Club Fest @ Magill
  • 20 Aug Board Meeting 

August 2019- Post Graduate Rep Report

Hey guys!

Hope you all enjoyed Clubs Fest as much as I did. Up next, we have Chill Vibes , I’m looking forward to relaxing and rewinding while making new friends. I can’t believe the elections are coming up soon, feels like my journey with USASA started yesterday. I feel blessed to be a part of USASA, it gave me a platform not only to make connections and grow professionally but also to learn more about myself. I strongly suggest attending the information session to understand the value of USASA and to nominate yourself for the 2020 USASA board elections.  

Activity Report

August 6- Meeting with Noah Beckmann

August 7- Clubs Fest at City West

August 8- Finance Committee Meeting

August 15- Formal Inquiry

August 20- Governance meeting

August 20- USASA board meeting

August 21- Meeting with Chancellor

August 22- Council Meeting

August 22- Meeting with Hon John Hill

Upcoming month

September 12- Finance meeting

September 17- Governance meeting

September 17- USASA board meeting

Please do let me know if I could be of any help, especially to gather information about the roles and responsibilities of being a USASA board member. Have a blessed September folks and I hope to have a remarkable board next year.

Feel free to contact me through my email:

Whyalla July Rep Report – Wenona R-W

USASA Activity Report – July 2019 

Hi Everyone, 

Would you believe we are in the second semester already?! Yet, I am sure the end of year break seems so far away to many.

Although most of July was spent being on the mid-year break, some of my USASA activity for the month included:

  • Ongoing communications with Regional Student Support and Project Officer and student leadership team regarding organisation of Whyalla Campus end of year event.
  • SP5 Whyalla Campus Orientation
  • Finalisation of SP2 Unitopia
  • USASA Board Meeting

So far, for the Month of August, my USASA activity will include:

  • 1st of August – Meeting with Regional Student Support and Project Officer and Student leadership scholarship holder regarding Whyalla Campus End of Year event
  • 13th of August – Attendance at Whyalla Campus Welcome back party to provide info about USASA clubs and engage with students.
  • 20th of August USASA Board Meeting
  • 28th of August Attendance at Whyalla Campus USASA Election Info Session

Once again, feel free to contact me whenever with any suggestions/concerns/complaints you may have and I’ll be more than happy to address them the best I can. 

Kind Regards, 

Wenona Reddaway-Worth 

Hello all,

After the exams and a break which hope you all enjoyed, SP5 has finally started and with this it is my last semester of studies as well. Therefore, I am looking forward to do as much productive as I can for you all with juggling my studies.

In July, the meeting were limited as most of it was holidays, however, one training in particular was very productive which included the response for sexual harassment and assault complaint. It has completely changed my perception and being mindful of situations people might face.

I insist to all of you to read about this topic in detail and gain some really helpful knowledge from the link below. The link also contains about various other resources of wellbeing.

The month of August is again going to be very busy and hopefully productive. There are various fun events happening in August like club fest, Glacial Hike on 31st August. Also, the most awaited freshers party 2.0, not only because it is one of the happening parties around Adelaide but also because it is my birthday, organised 16th where I hope to see you all.


Harsh Rana