Mawson Lakes Rep Report – May 2020

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all doing well. It is so relieving to see we have little or no cases recorded in SA and as a result, restrictions are being eased all over the state. For all those who are returning to campus, please follow the UniSA’s recovery road-map while on campus. Practice social distancing and stay at home if you are sick. You can find the road-map in here:

The Facilities Management Unit have come up with so many ideas to keep us safe from the virus spread. We have sanitizers in high profile spaces, wipes for keyboards in labs, seating arrangements for social distancing in libraries, labs and other spaces, etc.

Check out the poster for reminding you to practice social distancing. (In picture: Justin Faggotter , Campus Facilities Manager, UniSA Facilities Management)

Okay, so now back to business. This month has been a rather interesting month for me. I have come up with some ideas that I want to do for the students and have been getting constant feedback from students regarding it.

Mawson Lakes Catch up with FMU

I had a zooming session with Justin (As you can see in the picture!) and raised the most spoken about concern of Mawson Lakes Students – you heard me right – 24 x 7 Library! It has been on the cards from last year (Thanks to Noah). I will be working on this matter this month with Josh and the Library Management to see if it is a feasible option (Of course it is! :D) and how can we get it done. Hoping for the best! *fingers crossed*

Constitutional Review Working Group Meeting

Well, this was a phewww… No words. It really was an extensive meeting and really informative plus we all get to give our opinions. This was my first constitutional review meeting and I was overwhelmed by it. I look forward to the upcoming meetings to work with the rest of the crew!

Activities done so far in May 2020:

SHF Panel Assessments – Final1st,4th,5th of May 2020
Education Committee Meeting8th May 2020
Aboriginal Cultural Safety Training13th May 2020
Governance Committee Meeting
USASA Board Meeting
19th May 2020
Board Rep Meeting – Noah25th May 2020
Mawson Lakes Catch up – FMU27th May 2020
Constitutional Review Working Group 29th May 2020

All that said, I really hope this year will be good to us apart from what the situation is around. Stay safe, have fun and all the best for your exams!

I will meet you all next month with more super cool news and until then, signing off.



City West Report – April

Hi all,

I hope that everyone has been keeping safe during this unprecedented and uncertain time.

April proved to be another month full of zoom communications, so much so it is even starting to feel normal.
In the month of April my time has been split between working with the USASA Finance Committee and the USASA board during this time of COVID.

Further working with the Academic Board was undertaken with a strong focus on the effects of COVID and what the remainder of the study calendar will look like. As per David Lloyds email, all classes will remain online until the completion of SP2. Looking forward, hopefully the restrictions will ease and we can all return to the vibrant campuses we all enjoy.

Large portions of my time as a board rep is dedicated to helping the students. So if ever there is a question or problem you might have, please reach out to me via my email;

Thats all from me for now, stay safe.

Thanks, Linus

Mt Gambier Rep Report – April

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well during these difficult times.

Not much has been happening this month as studies and work life seem to take over.

Earlier this month, I attended an Education meeting with Yvonne Zeegers to discuss feedback from students about their studies during this difficult time. This was a great opportunity for me to pass on feedback that I had received from our education students here in Mt Gambier, and pass that on to our Education program director. I will keep you updated with any response I hear from Yvonne.

This months activities: 21st April – USASA Board Meeting

As always, if you have any questions or need to chat, feel free to reach out to me and i’ll be more than happy to help out.


Magill Rep Report-April

Hi All,

Hope everyone is doing well. It’s good news that Covid19  in Adelaide has not increased. let’s pray that like this all the countries fight  against Covid19.

Now university has established a dedicated $10 million fund to support those in severe financial circumstances as a result of COVD-19. This fund is now open to all students enrolled for onshore study in UniSA at all levels. All lectures and all tutorials will continue to be conducted fully online for the remainder of Study Period 2 (until Saturday 4 July 2020).

I had a Q&A session with Noah where we answered few of queries asked by students like when will the practical lab reopen, when is the appropriate time to apply for NGP(Non-Graded Pass).

In our welfare and wellbeing meeting we discussed about HOW TO ADULT PROGRAM which is about student’s learning to basic life skills like Taxation, budgeting ,rent and many more.

As always if you have any questions feel free to email me @

See you next time.

Arunika Dutta

Activity for this month:-

  • 6th April Taking minutes training 
  • 6th April welfare and wellbeing committee
  • 21st April Board Meeting 
  • Rep Q&A with Noah and myself
  • MBAA student drop in time 

ATSI Student Rep Report – April

Howdy all,

April has been quite a month of planning with National Reconciliation Week fast approaching. I can’t wait for you to see what has been planned!

Academic Board

An extraordinary meeting of the Academic Board was held this month to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 and how this will affect the students academic performance. During this meeting, we discussed things such as non-graded passes, exams and possible changes to the academic calendar – The outcomes of these discussions will be communicated to you via USASA and the university.

Student Hardship Fund Panel

I was invited in my capacity as an Aboriginal student representative to sit on a student hardship fund assessment panel. I communicate with and sit on this assessment panel every weekday.

National Reconciliation Week (NRW)

National Reconciliation Week at UniSA this year will be held in an online format in partnership with USASA. During NRW we plan to promote the newly formed Aboriginal student club who will be hosting events of their own.

Here is what I have been doing for the month of April;

6th AprilWelfare and Wellbeing Committee Meeting
7th AprilAcademic Integrity Formal Inquiry
Indigenous Students Success Program (ISSP) Governance Committee
14th AprilUSASA Clubs Committee
15th April First Student Harship Panel
17th AprilEducation Committee Meeting
20th AprilUSASA Academic Board Preliminary Meeting
Extraordinary Meeting of Academic Board
21st AprilGovernance Committee Meeting
USASA Board Meeting
23rd AprilNational Reconciliation Week (NRW) Project Group Meeting
28th AprilNational Reconciliation Week (NRW) Project Group Meeting
29th AprilAdvocacy Training Session
Informal Meet&Greet with Whyalla Representative
30th AprilDEA Committee Meeting

Here is what I have scheduled for May;

4th MayUniSA College Academic Review
National Reconciliation Week (NRW) Combined Meeting
6th MayMeeting with Aborignal Student Club Convener, Tabitha
8th MayEducation Committee Meeting
13th MayAboriginal Cultural Safety Training
15th MayNational Reconciliation Week (NRW) Combined Meeting
19th MayIndigenous Students Success Program (ISSP) Governance Committee Meeting
USASA Governance Committee Meeting
USASA Board Meeting
28th MayDEA Committee Meeting

As always, if you ever have any questions or need some support, do not hesistate to send me an email as I am always happy to help.



Board Member Activity Report – Diane Wilkins

Hey everyone, I would officially like to introduce myself as the Whyalla representative. Unfortunately, I am unable to met with you face to face due to current restrictions. However, I am very eager to meet all of you very soon!

What have I been up to?

This past month I have been preparing and settling into my new role. It has been amazing learning about all the different aspects of USASA this past month, and I am keen to share my new found knowledge with all of you!

06/04/2020 – How to with the regional crew: Gratitude Caterpillars

This event was held online for Whyalla campus students. The activity was designed for students to have a crafty mindful activity, and students then enter their caterpillar for their chance to win a $25 gift voucher. There is still time. I really want to see your gratitude caterpillar! Enter now for your chance to win.


The Vice Chancellor released a statement that all students will remain online at this stage. This is to ensure the safety of all students. I want to remind you all that this will not be forever, and we will go back on campus soon! Keep positive and if you feel like you are struggling, I am always available for a talk.  I have linked my email down the bottom.

Next Month’s planned activities:

I am still settling into my new role; at this stage I am unsure of any upcoming events. It is currently unknown when upcoming events will occur at this stage, due to the COVID-19 situation. Stay tuned and I will update you all soon on any changes!

My email:

City East Report – Apr/May – Timothy Pham

Hello everyone,

How have you been going? I guess we are now all getting through the extremely important period when many tests and assignments are due. It’s important that we all manage our time well so that we dedicate enough time for studying as well as enough time for our work and recreation. Let’s stay focus onto our study and let’s pass the courses together!

Here are some quick updates from my site:

On 14/4, I attended the Club Committee Meeting, we discussed about the dispute mediation over club USASA membership, clubs in the time of the COVID-19 epidemic, sourcing masks for students on campus and Halloween party. The Club Committee Meeting will be held online via zoom now on the second Tuesday of each month from 3-4pm. If you are a club committee member and you would like to join us, you can let me know via my email

On 30/4, I attended the Diversity Equity Access (DEA) Committee Meeting, we discussed about COVID-19 and equity (what can the committee members do as a committee and as student leaders). We also discussed about further supports that USASA can provide. There were some updates on the Ally Network and COVID-19 (including counselling services).

Key dates for April/May/June:

14/4 – Club Committee Meeting

17/4 – Academic Review

21/4 – USASA Board Meeting

24/4 – Academic Review

30/4 – DEA Committee Meeting

12/5 – Club Committee Meeting

19/5 – USASA Board Meeting

20/5 – Clinical and Health Sciences Formal Inquiry

28/5 – DEA Committee Meeting

9/6 – Club Committee Meeting

Keep safe and good luck on your assessments! If you have any questions, just flick me a message.


Magill Campus Rep April Board Report- Emily Williams

Hello All, 

I suppose we are settling into the new normal, everything is fine..   

As per the email from Pr David Llyod, our vice chancellor, the majority of classes will remain online until July 4th unless otherwise stated. It does not feel like we had mid semester break only a few weeks ago, which means assessments and exams are fast approaching us!   The university has implemented a Non graded Pass (NGP) which you can apply for once you receive your final grades. 

UniTopia is back ! With an online platform, have a break from study, relax and to help distress check it out.

Over the last month as well I have been talking to students in regards to the lack of adequate facilities for cleansing near pray rooms, if you have any concerns or what to chat about it you can contact me, anytime. 

If you need addition services:

Contact the Student Engagement Unit (SEU) for assistance, advice and support for your wellbeing and health. 

If you need any counselling  you can always visit

Activity log for April

21stGovernance Committee meeting
27thMeeting with Michelle SEU- Ally Network
30th Diversity and Equity Committee meeting

That’s it’s from me,

Emily Williams

International Student Rep Report – April

Hi all my beloved international students,

How are you doing? Hope all of you are safe, healthy and happy!


International Student Support

As usual, I have been actively supporting and engaging with international students online through Facebook and emails. I have received many enquiries regarding career, financial and language supports, scholarship, exam arrangements, NGP and student hardship funds (both UniSA and StudyAdelaide), as well as worries and concerns regarding homesickness, study, placement, job seeking and so on. I dedicatedly listened to their concerns and referred those students to the right resources and platforms.

I understand many international students are still struggling with the financial aspects due to the lockdown, crisis, natural disaster and economic downturn in their home countries. However, we are here to support and empower you. USASA has provided a very supportive Financial Counselling Service for all UniSA students. Also, UniSA’s student hardship funds is still opening for students who are suffering from the results of COVID-19. It is never too late to seek for help!

Student Hardship Fund

I sat on the international student panel and devoted most of my time to represent international students’ voice and access the applications from all UniSA international students.

I identified there was some issues with the process and raised them to the chairs, including the process inefficiency, lack of a user-friendly application form and so on.

Q&A Sessions

Noah and I organised a Q&A session. We talked about student hardship funds, non-grade pass, coping strategies and so on. Other reps also did a Q&A session for our students as well. If you are interested, please feel free to go to USASA Facebook page to review it.

Welfare and Wellbeing Committee & Other Committees

Although many projects have to be postponed, we are still planning the projects for the future, such as How to Adult Program and R U OK day.

I also attended the regular monthly meetings of Education, Finance, Governance and Club committees.

Career Support

I understand it may be much harder for international students to get a job during and after COVID-19 pandemic. I am still working with International Student Working Party, StudyAdelaide and UniSA Career Service to explore the best mean, in which we can assist our international students to thrive.



UniTopia has been moved to online mode. There is still a bunch of activities waiting for you to explore, to help you to relax, move, create, connect and nourish your body and soul until 15th May! Pop in and have fun with us!!!


If you have any further question or suggestion in relation to international students, please feel free to send me an email:

You are also welcome to contact me on the Facebook group – International Student Hub -University of South Australia. 

Take care and be healthy:) !!!!!